Friday, February 25, 2011

Giants in Twilight

"Giants in Twilight"
by Jordan S. Bassior
(c) 2006, 2011

They stand in twilight.

Great gray giants, battleships of flesh
Living cruisers of the land
Trunks questing, tusks tossing
They cross the veldt.


You can feel their rumbles
Too deep to hear
The air trembles
With their slow calls.

They move as families
Walking to waterholes
Stripping the forests
Remaking the land.

Dominance herds them
Memory guides them
Love, it unites them
On their endless quest.

What do they think
What do they feel
What do they know
In those vast brains?

Do they remember?

Once, they feared nothing,
Roamed Pliocene plains
Vanished forests of old
Five continents theirs.

See little man-apes
Squealing in terror
Fleeing the rush
Of a calf’s playful charge.

Time passed.

Now there is fear
Now there is fire
Now there is shouting
And stabbing of spears

See now the man-apes
Armed with their making
Not quite so little
Masters of all.

Time has passed.

Now see the giants
Shrunken in numbers
Wander the landscape
Last of their kind.

They know the fear
They know the fire
They know the fierce
Stutter of guns.

Do we remember?

It took courage
To slay the giants
Armed with nothing
But torch and spear

It takes no courage
To slay the giants
Riding a jeep with
Machine-gun in hand.

There is honor
In slaying a giant
Risking your life
To feed your kin.

There is no honor
In slaying a giant
Running no risk
For the ivory trade.

If we slay giants
Without mortal reason
We do not grow
To giants ourselves.

When we slay giants
When we slay beauty
For nothing but greed
More the dwarfs we.